He is known all over the world now as a genius inventor and founder of Tesla, known for their strides in self-driving technology.
He is known for his bizarre experiments that he does with this insane amount of money that he has accumulated over the years, and has been repeatedly ranked in the Forbes list of Top 100 Most Powerful People in the World. He has made strides in many different technological fields, although some more than the others.
Now, he is a highly successful businessman, but what does that have to do with being a Martian? A Martian is an advanced species that is extraterrestrial, which is quite far-fetched from the topic of Elon Musk. Meet Wernher von Braun, a former Nazi and NASA rocket engineer.
He wrote two books about Mars: The first was (Fiction) Project Mars: A Technical Tale, where he wrote that in the 1980s, that Mars would be colonized by humanity, only to find out that Mars was already inhabited by a group of Martians who were far more advanced than us. However, the part that stunned people was that he named the leader of the Martians 'Elon'.
This has made many raise questions, notably the question of whether von Braun predicted the rise of Elon Musk in the 21st century, where he is the leading figure in Mars missions and colonizing this planet.
The second book he wrote was The Mars Project, which he labeled as non-fiction. Many always confuse the two. In the Mars Project, some schemes were elaborately explained: Such as there were ten spacecraft to reach Mars, and upon arrival, there were other inhabitants on the planet. The book also explains that the Mars mission was only able to be carried out in the 1980s because World War III would have occurred by then, and Russia would be defeated by U.S, enabling a singular world government.
However, the main cause of controversy was that in his "fiction", von Braun predicted many future technologies - solar cells, handheld devices to help in maneuvering in space and even describing rocket travel accurately and detailedly. This gives von Braun a lot of credibility in the eyes of experts. So, was he right? Did he predict the coming of a successful businessman in the future that might have made the stories in his novel come true? One might never know or find out, but the name 'Elon' itself holds much meaning - it has biblical roots, three men and a city have the same name in the Old Testament. The Hebrew meaning of the name is "grove of oak trees", which implies sturdiness. However, in the end, all of this can just be that lightning chance of coincidence.


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