A UFO hunter named Tyler Glockner has brought to light a decades-old UFO sighting which he has referred to as being even stranger than the Roswell Incident in a shocking new video which has been released online.
In June 1947, two harbor patrolmen named Fred Crisman and Harold Dahl were performing their duties on a workboat close to Maury Island in Puget Sound when they became aware of something incredibly strange in the sky. The two men claimed that they saw six large, doughnut-shaped objects amassing in the sky which appeared to be flying in formation. One of the flying objects proceeded to deploy a substance which the men claimed was similar to lava or ‘white metal’. This substance broke one of the worker’s arms and killed a dog.
Following the terrifying incident, Dahl claimed that he was approached by a mysterious figure in a dark suit who warned him that he should refrain from ever speaking about the incident in public. Many people believe that this menacing figure was one of the infamous Men in Black who have often been known to visit individuals who have had UFO and extra-terrestrial experiences.
Following the incident, the FBI started a full investigation into the matter. Their private files suggest that they determined that the Maury Island event was nothing more than a hoax concocted by the two men in order to make a deal with Fantasy Magazine, a publication which reported on such incidents. The FBI also concluded that the substance that was in the water was not of an extra-terrestrial origin but appeared to be slag from a smelter that was close by to where the incident occurred.
Despite the fact that the two men retracted their stories and stated that it was all a hoax, many people believe that there could be some truth in their original story and that they may have been intimidated by governmental agencies or the sinister Men in Black into maintaining silence about their terrifying experience.


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