Mystery ' monster ' found covered in shells at beach beauty spot and leaves everyone baffled

A mystery 'monster' has been found at a Welsh beach beauty spot - and it's leaving everyone baffled.
People walking on Burry Port beach in Carmarthenshire discovered the strange object beached on the sand.
The giant object , which is covered in barnacles and shells, has sparked much confusion as people don't have a clue what it is.
Suzy Watkins and her family had been on the beach but on visiting again, the long object covered had appeared.
What exactly the object is, is difficult to know as it is entirely shielded by the tiny shells.
Suzy who shot the video footage of the monster-sized shape told Wales Online: “This was on Burry Port beach. There are worm-like creatures coming out of the shells.”
A similar object sparked debate on social media last year in New Zealand when it washed ashore.
Witnesses reported at the time that the object, found on Muriwai Beach, had similar wormlike creatures emerging from the shells or barnacles on what was a similarly shaped large object.
Speculation over that object suggested it could have been part of a shipwreck.
People can't work out what the object is (Image: Lára Clarke-Wardle /
But days later, according to experts at the New Zealand Marine Sciences Society, it was found to have been a large piece of driftwood which had become overrun by a species of gooseneck barnacles called Lepas anatifera.
As for the Burry Port beach oddity, its exact nature remains a mystery.
It comes as ' alien life form' has been spotted crawling along the ground - and has baffled everyone who has seen it.
The strange creature looks like "an alien life form that has got lost on earth" after it was seen creeping around rocks.
Huang Meilan filmed the mysterious insect on rocks in Hsinchu, Taiwan on August 29.
She said she was ''shocked'' by the creepy crawly and had ''never seen anything like it before''.
Huang said: ''I found this on the ground and it caught my eye.
''It was so strange and people said different things about it. But I wanted to know what it actually was.''
Huang appealed online and many suggested the brittle looking insect appeared to be several ''horsehair worms'' tangled together.
The parasitic creatures become entwined while they use a host to breed.


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