Las Vegas shooting - live updates:

 At least 20 killed, over 100 injured 01:48
At least one gunman is reported to have opened fire on crowds at a music festival in Las Vegas, discharging hundreds of bullets using an automatic weapon, witnesses have said.
Speaking to NBC Las Vegas, two festival-goers said they initially heard a noise "like firecrackers", but it became apparent a shooter or shooters were unloading "clip after clip" into the crowd. One man insisted there were "multiple shooters" involved.
Separately, video emerging online appeared to show the moment the gunfire broke out during a song, stopping the performance and sending the crowd running.
Police say one suspected shooter is "down", and that "at this time we do not believe there are any more shooters".
Survivors of the Las Vegas strip shooting spoke of “bullets flying everywhere” as the gunman - or gunmen - unloaded “clip after clip after clip.” They told of country music festival goers using whatever scrap of cover they could find as the bullets rained down on them – fired, some insisted, from a high vantage point.


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