Hoia Baciu, haunted forest in Transylvania

Have you ever visited Hoia Baciu forest? Is a ghosty forest whose trees have bent and thin trunks, near the northern edge of Romania, in Transylvania, not too far from Cluj Napoca, city where was born Mattia Corvino, king of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia, initially allied, then ruthless enemy of Vlad III ruler of Wallachia, i.e. Vlat Tepes (the impaler), second son of Vlad II Dracul and historic figure to which was base the Count Dracula who someone think is buried in Naples.
While Cluj Napoca is full of gorgeous ghotic and medieval building and of Renaissance statues, according to the legends the forest has been the devil’s own crib. Someone swears he saw ghosts wandering in the wood, others say to have seen aliens, strange lights and UFOs wandering above the wood, but the real Hoia Baciu’s mystery remain its trees. Forest stretches 250 hectares and even if it’s old more than two hundred years, trees seems still very young, with thin trunks and with unusual form, to say a few.
Moreover, in the middle of the forest there is a wide open space, perfectly round, where never a blade of grass grows. In short, an horror movie location and it is no coincidence that it has been dubbed a “Bermuda Triangle” in Transylvania, especially since legend has it that those who go too deep in Hoia Baciua fail to get out of it. Pointlessly biologists and researchers from all over the world tried to analyze the ghosty forest: has never been discovered anything abnormal, but weird things have continued to happen.
Biologist Alexander Sift (died in 1993), after he was in Hoia Baciu for a couple of weeks, had fever and has got burns all over his body: since then he dedicated his life to investigate the mysteries of the forest, taking about 60,000 photos of the forest and finding out areas with a high radioactivity and symptoms consistent with actinic keratosis, a dermal sickness due to UV rays. Nothing was however corroborated by following studies, thus the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle in Transylvania shall remain.


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