Google limits Conspiracy Theory and UFO sites after the latest update

Over the past week, the World Socialist Web Site has revealed that changes to Google's search algorithm aimed at censoring “fake news” and conspiracy theory websites have led the global traffic rankings of a broad range of left-wing, progressive, anti-war and democratic rights organizations to plummet.
World Socialist Web Site reporter Andre Damon spoke to RT America Monday about Google's censorship of political thought on the internet.
For instance, there is a page that shows theories that are not supported which are about the Vatican, knowing about the existence of Nibiru, world events that have not occurred yet and even the existence of aliens. It goes as far as quoting officials from the Vatican, along with scientists, but the quotes do not seem to give support to the claim of the article, and sometimes the quotes are not from the person who it was said to be.
The Nibiru cataclysm along with events related to it have always been "debunked" by sources in authority. The content that is shown on the page, therefore, shows information that is inaccurate and which misinforms those reading.
So, no more UFO related stories to be found on Google soon!
Pages contradicting historical facts that have been well established, for instance, conspiracy theories that are unsubstantiated, unless of course, the query has indicated that the person is looking for a viewpoint that is alternative. So websites are posting conspiracy theories that have unsubstantiated, and they are being shown as if that information is fact.
Ratings are more difficult if the query being searched for has English words and names in it or if it is not clear on whether any English results would seem to be satisfying for a query. Therefore people might want to show judgment and rely on their knowledge of a particular location when it comes to determining the appropriate rating.
People should also bear in mind that each locale is going to have considerations that are unique in regards to the variety of languages and the numbers; these could be local dialects, languages that are regional and official. Also factoring in are the keyboard input language that is in use and the writing systems.
The guideline might not show examples of your particular locale. However, it is important users in the same task location along with culture are represented so that queries can be interpreted and the results rated. If there is any doubt, then it was said that it should be assumed that the user would want to see results that are in the task language, unless it has been stated otherwise.


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