10 Reasons why I feel the Hare Krishnas are a Cult

These points can be applied to any cult/form of mind control. I would be curious to hear how this ‘movement’ was really instigated. I would not be surprised it has come from the same old kosher connection. Positioning an Eastern guru in New York in the 60’s. 
1/. Disengaged
Soon as possible they try to get members switched off from worldly events. Because it’s just the time of Kali – all you have to do is put your full focus on Krishna. Ignore politics, ignore local and global events. Just stick with the HKs.
I can fully appreciate we are indeed in times of Kali (quarrel and pollution), and I’m all for us having a Divine connection. But like everything, the message gets subverted, so followers become disengaged with social issues. This is unhealthy, both personally and socially. True spiritual practice means we embrace spiritual maturity – to become engaged in worldly events. To stand up to evil and darkness as our spiritual opportunity. This is all about serving others – others who are suffering in our world.
2/. Isolation
Sooner or later they will encourage members/devotees to disassociate with ‘outsiders’. As they are polluted by Maya (llusion/matter/materialism). This should ring alarm bells with anyone in their right mind. This is not normal behaviour – this is cult behaviour. Classic divide and rule. This is a sure-track way of eroding critical thinking; therefore ensuring mind control.
Again, their ‘hook’ about avoiding materialism is justified, but of course the spiritual message gets polluted.
3/. Sleep deprivation
Sleep and sufficient amounts of it is healthy! All cultures know this. When we are not having sufficient amounts of sleep, we do not think straight. How can we? Therefore we become vulnerable/successtable to even more mind control.
I agree, when we clean up, and are more spiritually connected, we certainly do have more energy. But it is so individually based; we are not organic robots.
4/. Insulated information
One of their most powerful ways to induce the more intellectual type thinkers via the Vedic philosophy. The Vedic scriptures and especially the Bhagavad-Gita are an amazing spiritual and pragmatic wealth of knowledge. Yet the HKs don’t accept any other version other than their own “As it is” version of the B’Gita. Not only have they adapted the B’Gita. This is like going to a Truth meeting and the organizers telling you “Do not listen to any other information other than what we are telling you and only absorb our material.”
5/. Austerity & Charity
Funny how all these cults and some religions don’t want you to have your own money, because it’s so evil – yet they want it. Somehow they can sure make use of it. They HKs say in their writing that 50% of devotee’s wages should go to them. Who in God’s or Krishna’s name can afford that level of tithing in these recessional times!?
6/. Association
They associate themselves with the Brahma Kamaris group. An equally dodgy organisation/cult. I have known people screwed up after a while who have associated themselves with them. They too work on all these 10 principles.
7/. No Nooky
Sex and pleasurable sex between two loving people is a very natural aspect of humanity. They advocate no sex policy, under the guise of no elicit sex. But somehow allow their members to have sex to ‘breed’ where the offspring are then taken away to be ‘educated’ to become pure cult members. To deprive people of this natural instinct is all part of their de-humanizing mind control.  All part of their depopulation plan – SOFT EUGENICS (soft kill). Their sexual act is a cold mechanical operation, where they engage for about a minute, whilst the female chants...….I’m not joking.
8/. Hooks
We all smell something is very wrong in society. And we feel vulnerable, trapped. So hey presto; problem-reaction-solution. Here comes the Hare Krishnas with a convenient solution to this materialistic mess. They not only offer a way out; but lots of smiles, yummy grub with a bit of music and dancing thrown in.
Not to mention their hypnotic mantra which gives you a nice ‘loved up’ feeling to act as pain killer against modern day living. This takes you away from the realities of this world; all under the guise of transcendental spirituality.
9/. Positioning
They tend to position themselves in inner city locations, where there are lots of young influential people and/or drug and alcoholism dependent people. Inner cities are where people feel the heat of this screwed up system the most. These people need a way out. Escape materialistic society, escape religion – come and party with the HKs. This certainly is not the lotus in the mud principle, but just more cleverly disguised sugar-coated poison.
10/. Fishing
They latch on to people who show a tad of enthusiasm. Like they want to catch a fish. It is unnatural and an inorganic way of welcoming people into any society/movement. Tempting you with ‘free’ books to mind control you. It’s such classic cult activity.
Just take a look at the long-term devotees, who have been involved in the HKs. I’m not talking about those front PR people you meet at their open days, but the hardened devotees who have really fallen for the whole conditioning process. For sure they are de-stressed and very nice; but they are completely pacified. Just like in Huxley’s “Brave New World” scenario. Happy pacified servants of the system.
I don’t see the HK up against the system. I just see them as an ad juncture. They are still playing into the usury system, with all their financial outlets. Just like the New Age movement scoops up any potential critical thinkers……along with their finances!
Who is this character A.C. Brabhupada? Apparently turning up in America from India in his 70’s penniless; yet within 14 years he alone somehow managed to set up hundreds of global ashrams and centers, as well provide a huge amount of literature, all worth billions – all starting from a small shop in East New York? A linage of Krishna, or the kosher elite tool??
The connection to the Beetles, with their message pushed out into the main stream consciousness/psyche is a bit suspect too. The Beetles were a kosher social engineering outlet.
Nope – the whole set up stinks of another coincidence.
One thing I have learnt in this Truthing business is that nothing is allowed to get funded to a high position from grass roots level; unless it has been first instigated by them, or it is been usurped – nothing.


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